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30 day anime challenge with rileyleebegin

Day 1: Very first anime you ever watched.

VOIDS- Chaotic Century. I use to watch this on Toonami I believe? I loved this show and actually went back and watched it again when I “got into anime”. For a super old show it had all the best aspects of an anime, otp, awesome soundtracks, hype, great character development, and plenty of feels.

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rt50 + text posts because i was bored and so many text posts make me think of my internet friends, ahahah

i don’t even care that only like 10 people are going to get these, they make me laugh and that’s all that matters :Db

OH MY GOSH THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL :’D I laughed at all of them thank you Fex <3

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Tagged by thestuffofstardust to do the desktop screenie thing! C:

The only rule is to not change your desktop when you are tagged, even if it’s embarrassing! 

My theme is set to change wallpapers every 30 minutes, so this is the one that just happened to be displayed when I saw that I was tagged! I love Mystery Dungeon so much oh man <33

I TAG: Brae and Adorababble! Only if you guys want to of course haha :’D

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Stylish grunt cosplays!


Thank you so much for taking and posting this picture! <33

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Blade Liger in #1, done in about an hour and 10 minutes. Really like how this one turned out~

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Gold/Silver Toys Commercial


Gold/Silver Toys Commercial
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Raph might be a little bit of a hothead, but I just know he’s a nice dude on the inside! And did you see his wool? It’s so pink! I absolutely have to be his friend!

((Intro part 1 of 2))

I am the creator and artist of Sketch the Kecleon’s parts on this ask blog! It’d be awesome if you could take a second to check it out, maybe even ask something! :’D

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Ryan’s 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day One: Your very first video game (Spyro: Year of the Dragon, 2000)

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